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Patios & Porches

Patios & Porches

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Concrete patios and porches are common areas for settling to occur. When a patio or porch sinks and channels rainwater toward your home, the water will percolate into the ground and saturate the soil near the foundation. Several feet below the concrete, solid clay prevents the water from penetrating any deeper into the ground. In this situation, the standing water can only evaporate or soak into the basement wall.

During the cold winter months, the super-saturated ground will freeze and expand, creating pressure against the masonry foundation of the home. This often leads to cracking of basement floors and walls, creating leakage into basements. These repairs can be enormously expensive and could be avoided by raising the concrete pads to drain water away from the house.

As patios settle, they almost always sink on the side closest to the house. In this case, the settling was so severe on the inside edge of the concrete patio that the outer edge was forced upward. This “teetering” effect causes poor drainage, instability of the slab, and carries a high risk of crack formation. In only a couple of hours, one of our crews alleviated these hazards by raising the concrete back to its original position.

Patio Leveling
Patio Leveling

Front Porch Leveling

In this example, some settling is visible and the sunken slab was draining rainwater towards the house (you can see the original cement mark in the Before photo). However, the full extent of the problem is not visible from above the porch. Porches are notorious for having large underlying voids, due to insufficient backfill during the construction of the home. Many times, settling of the concrete is the first evidence of this issue. If a porch is left spanning the hollow area, the concrete will eventually crack from its own weight. Greene Concrete Leveling fixes the problem by filling the entire void and lifting the concrete porch back to its original position. This eliminates the risk of fracturing and stabilizes the concrete to prevent further sinkage.

Porch Leveling & Patio Leveling For Northeast Ohio

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