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Concrete Leveling!

Greene is the ONLY company with DECADES OF EXPERIENCE offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Serving Northern Ohio since 1977
The only company specializing in both grout injection “mudjacking” and polyurethane foam injection

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Concrete Leveling Sidewalks, Driveways and Streets

At Greene Concrete Leveling, we pride ourselves in raising and leveling sunken concrete for our clients, throughout Northeast Ohio. We have a hardworking and professional team of concrete leveler experts.
Greene Concrete Leveling is licensed, bonded, and insured to bring your home or place of business the very best quality of concrete leveling services. You can count on us to get the job done right, so before you spend money replacing cracked or sunken concrete around your home or business consider the cost effective alternative of our Concrete Leveling services.

Best Concrete Levelers

Greene Concrete Leveling is a concrete leveling service for commercial and residential solutions

Patio Leveling
leveling concrete steps

Our Services

Sidewalk Leveling

We've leveled thousands of sunken sidewalks in Northeast Ohio.

Driveway Leveling

Repair the sunken concrete by lifting back into its original position.

Patios & Porches

Common areas for settling, resolved by our expertise

Floor Leveling

Concrete floors or basements all succumb to the force of gravity.

Street Leveling

Don't replace! Salvage through re-positioning and save your budget.

Sea Walls & Dam Repair

Save thousands of dollars with our innovative concrete leveling skills.

Soil Stabilization

Solutions for erosion and land shifts that will last a lifetime.

Infrastructure Repair

filling voids, stabilizing the concrete, and lifting where necessary.

Driveway Leveling


The process works by injecting high-density polymer below a sunken concrete slab, causing it to raise to its intended position while also stabilizing loose soil.  The polymer is light weight and extremely strong which makes it a longer-lasting repair option.


As the most experienced company in the concrete leveling industry we will gladly MATCH ANY COMPETITORS WARRANTY, word for word.

Greene Concrete Leveling uses both poly-foam and pressure grouting “Mudjacking” to lift and stabilize concrete.  We’ve been doing it since 1977.  There are definite situations where mudjacking is a better solution – our concrete leveler experts can help you make the right choice.

Leveling Concrete

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Our service area is throughout Northern Ohio and stretches from the greater Cleveland area west to Sandusky, east to Pittsburgh, south to the greater Akron-Canton area, and anywhere in between. Please take a moment to view our map or visit our service area page to see if we’re able to provide you with our services.

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