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Driveway Leveling

Driveway Leveling

You’re not alone for driveway leveling needs. Concrete driveways are one of the most common areas for settling and sinking to occur. Sunken driveways are a problem for homeowners, because they can cause poor drainage, trip hazards, puddling, icing, and cracking of the concrete.

Most driveway settling occurs where the driveway meets the garage. When builders dig the foundation for a home, they overdig the area and typically backfill the hole with some of the material they dug out (much of which is clay). Over time, the clay is compacted by the weight of the driveway block, and the driveway settles. We are able to repair the sunken concrete by lifting back into its original position.  Driveway leveling problem solved!

Driveway Leveling
Driveway Leveling solution

Driveway Lifting

This is an example of a typical sunken driveway. The driveway blocks had settled at different rates and in different directions. The corner of one driveway block had raised above the others, producing a hollow void under that corner. Without a solid base underneath the concrete, the corner would have surely cracked from the weight of a passing car. Greene Concrete Leveling was able to prevent the concrete from fracturing and repositioned every driveway block to the correct position. The homeowner was thrilled to save hundreds of dollars off the cost of replacing the small area and received a 10 Year Warranty.

Driveway Caulking

In addition to our full line of driveway leveling services, Greene Concrete Leveling offers caulking. We use a highly durable caulk that that stays flexible throughout the year. This helps to hide cracks and keeps water from undermining your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio. 

(Caulking is priced by the linear foot)

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