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Floor Leveling

Floor Leveling

Outdoor slabs are not the only concrete surfaces that shift and settle over time.

The concrete floors or basements of many homes, office buildings, and warehouses all succumb to the force of gravity. Most often, voids form below the concrete as the base settles and air pockets escape.

Why do Floors Sink

Nothing lasts forever and that includes concrete. This is especially true in Ohio where we experience extreme seasonal cycles which causes the ground to shift. This can lead to concrete sinking and cracking overtime. Also, concrete built over poorly compacted stone and soil, especially around your home, is susceptible to settling over time especially as water penetrates below through cracks, joints, and open sides, and erodes the base material.

Floor Leveling Solutions

In most cases, the homeowner or property manager’s first indication of settling will be a crack in the floor. Once your floor is cracked, you can be sure that it is slowly sinking and has the potential to develop more fractures. The wisest course of action is to stabilize the floor (this prevents further sinkage) and raise it back to the original position. 

Call us today if you would like a free estimate on floor leveling for your house floor, basement floor, or warehouse/garage floor. You may be surprised to find out how quickly we can resolve your settling floor issues without disrupting your home life. All floors are ready for carpeting and usage immediately after the leveling process.

Floor Leveling

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