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The Greene Company Mission Statement:
     “We strive to offer our customers a high-quality, low-cost alternative to concrete replacement.  This includes residential, commercial, and municipal customers.  The Greene Company desires to distinguish itself as the most experienced and reliable concrete leveling company in the industry.”
We currently have one location in Chagrin Falls Ohio serving all of Northern Ohio.
We are the only concrete leveler that offers both grout and poly-foam leveling.  To learn more visit here

Yes, but we like to see the concrete in large pieces.  If the concrete is smashed, your money may be better spent on replacement than on concrete leveling

We stay until the job is done.  This is usually several hours, depending on the size of the concrete leveling job.  We will be in and out in less than one day.

The secret to good work is the amount of material pumped underneath the concrete.  If 100 square feet of concrete is being moved, you want it to rest on 100 square feet of material.  There are many concrete leveling contractors who will pump as little as possible to achieve temporary results, and unless you have x-ray vision to see the hollow void under the block, the job onlyappears to be done correctly. Within a few years, the concrete will settle and you will be calling someone else to fix it next time. 

While most contractors have small trucks and use material sparingly, the Green Concrete Leveling Company approach is to have huge trucks and pump an abundance of material to ensure a strong and solid base.

One simple way a homeowner can know whose work is higher quality is to look at the guarantee.  One and two-year warrantees are not enough.  The Green Concrete Leveling Company’s LIFETIME WARRANTY and OVER FORTY YEARS IN BUSINESS should speak volumes.  

The concrete leveling pump, fully loaded, is less than a thousand pounds and small enough to fit into many tight areas.  We also use small hand tools.

By leveling the concrete, we channel the water away from the foundation of the house.  We are not waterproofing the foundation or fixing any broken underground pipes (unless specifically quoted for this).  However, in many cases, concrete leveling is exactly the right solution to water drainage problems.

Most people prefer mid-summer, because that is when concrete is usually poured.  However, for concrete leveling, the wet months in spring and autumn are excellent.  The pumping grout can mix with groundwater and slightly dilute, enabling it to spread further underneath the concrete.  The base, in these situations, is excellent.

All cities are different, but most only require a contractor to be registered and bonded with them.  We have taken care of this already.
Very seldom do our customers wait more than a week to have their concrete leveling completed.

We have leveled concrete for over 60,000 customers in Northeast Ohio.  Just tell us where you live, and we’ll give you a reference nearby.  You can also view testimonials from satisfied customers by clicking here.

*All concrete that is over ten years old is guaranteed for LIFETIME.  Concrete that is younger than ten years is guaranteed for two years, because the slab has not yet finished settling. 
Still have questions about concrete leveling? Call or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you.