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Our Warranty Protects the Interests of our Customers Better than any other Warranty in the Market

Why Choose Greene Concrete Leveling for Your Concrete Lifting Needs

Next, to the price of concrete lifting, a warranty is crucial. That’s why we provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If after the concrete has been raised and it should happen to sink, Greene Concrete Leveling will return to reposition the work. We do not even stop out to look at it first; we return and readjust the concrete when we are in the area. There is usually a $75 trip charge for that.

Some companies require that the concrete has settled at least ¾” or that they seal or caulk all the seams and cracks for the warranty to be valid. In the climate we live, it’s impossible to keep the frost out of the ground in the winter months. If there is concrete lifting due to frost, 1 to 2 inches, a little rubber caulking regardless of its quality will not keep that caulk intact – the warranty then becomes void for these contractors.

Read Warranty Before Concrete Lifting

It is always a good idea to read all the warranty information for any contractor whether they are offering 5 years, 10 years, or Lifetime Warranty. Some contractors hide a lot of information in their disclosures, stipulations on how sunken the concrete must be, or how many visits are allowed under their warranty terms. Some companies may offer a lengthy warranty period but will only return one time to fix any sunken concrete.

Please remember that all of these areas where concrete settles are a “problem area.” That’s why a contractor has been called in the first place. There is usually zero guarantees for new concrete unless you consider the guarantee that you will never see them again.

After Concrete Lifting

Is it possible that previously leveled concrete can settle again? Yes! Absolutely! A responsible concrete lifting contractor can only raise the concrete and leave no voids beneath it so that the weight distributes over the largest area possible. If the ground 1,2,3,4,5, or 8 feet down compresses somewhat, then the concrete may need readjustment. For the first time in decades, the weight is distributed on the ground differently, or a hollow area or void was left inadvertently.

Greene Concrete Leveling isn’t perfect. We have to return to a previously leveled site 5-8% of the time, and in very remote situations more than once. We feel that if we can arrest the problem over a ten year period, then that concrete will be there for a very long time. We only require a phone call to return.

Our Warranty Protects You

Our warranty protects the interests of our customers better than any of the warranties provided by our competitors. However, if any customer would prefer another guarantee, we would gladly honor another contractor’s warranty for our work in its entirety, including their disclosures. This decision would need to be made by the customer before any work is completed.


Completed Projects

We have leveled concrete for over 60,000 customers in Northeast Ohio.


Satisfied Costumers

Our 40+ years of operations is a testament of our quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Your Protection.

Our warranty protects the interests of our customers better than any of the warranties provided by our competitors.

Why Choose Us

Experience.  Reputation.  Quality.

Best Warranty in the Market

Our lifetime warranty protects the interests of our customers better than any of the warranties provided by our competitors.

Over 40 Years Experience

We’ve developed a reputation of quality and customer satisfaction and perfected concrete leveling techniques that younger, less experienced companies do not possess.

We Started the Industry

In 1977, the founder of Greene Concrete Leveling Company discovered a method for re-positioning unlevel concrete and coined the phrase “concrete leveling”.

Fast Answered Questions

The Greene Company Mission Statement:

     “We strive to offer our customers a high-quality, low-cost alternative to concrete replacement.  This includes residential, commercial, and municipal customers.  The Greene Company desires to distinguish itself as the most experienced and reliable concrete leveling company in the industry.”

The secret to good work is the amount of material pumped underneath the concrete.  If 100 square feet of concrete is being moved, you want it to rest on 100 square feet of material.  There are many concrete leveling contractors who will pump as little as possible to achieve temporary results, and unless you have x-ray vision to see the hollow void under the block, the job onlyappears to be done correctly. Within a few years, the concrete will settle and you will be calling someone else to fix it next time. 

While most contractors have small trucks and use material sparingly, the Green Concrete Leveling Company approach is to have huge trucks and pump an abundance of material to ensure a strong and solid base.

One simple way a homeowner can know whose work is higher quality is to look at the guarantee.  One and two-year warrantees are not enough.  The Green Concrete Leveling Company’s LIFETIME WARRANTY and OVER FORTY YEARS IN BUSINESS should speak volumes.  We feel that if the concrete does not settle within the first ten years*, you are all set.

By leveling the concrete, we channel the water away from the foundation of the house.  We are not waterproofing the foundation or fixing any broken underground pipes (unless specifically quoted for this).  However, in many cases, concrete leveling is exactly the right solution to water drainage problems.

All cities are different, but most only require a contractor to be registered and bonded with them.  We have taken care of this already.

We have leveled concrete for over 60,000 customers in Northeast Ohio.  Just tell us where you live, and we’ll give you a reference nearby.  You can also view testimonials from satisfied customers by clicking here.