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Street Leveling

Street Leveling

The Greene Company has lifted and stabilized streets and bridge abutments for many municipalities and county engineers in Northern Ohio.

Every year, cities spend millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours replacing sunken areas of concrete streets. The vast majority of this concrete is in good condition and can be salvaged through repositioning. Concrete streets often settle and displace at the control joint, creating a visible difference in elevation between two slabs and an uncomfortable “bump” for motorists driving on the street. If left in a sunken position, the roadway will eventually crack and crumble.

Costs Less, Fast and Immediate

The Greene Concrete Leveling company in Ohio is able to prevent this from occurring by filling underlying voids, stabilizing the concrete, and lifting the street where necessary. This process is completed in several hours (as opposed to several days) and traffic can pass the work area during stabilization and lifting. The repositioned area is ready for use immediately after the leveling process.

Cleveland Concrete Leveling
Street Leveling Solution

Street Leveling Solutions

As the most experienced company in the concrete leveling industry we will gladly MATCH ANY COMPETITORS WARRANTY, word for word.

Uneven roads, streets and highways can be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers. Replacing the piece of road that is sunken is an expensive solution, and repairing the issue by filling the sunken space will only lead to further issues in the not-too-far off future.

Long Lasting Solution

Leveling the sunken concrete, filling the voids and stabilizing the slab, is the most cost and time effective, as well as the longest lasting solution. When a road or highway is sunken and uneven, raising and repairing the concrete can be done with minimal disruption. Due to the properties of our concrete raising polyurethane foam, traffic can return to normal immediately after the project is completed.

Immediate Use Street Leveling Solutions

Save millions of dollars with our street leveling solution for your community.  We can provide a list of references and specifications.  Call for a free quote today!

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