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Explore Avon Lake

Avon Lake has an aquatic center that offers baseball and softball and lots of other things at their Avon Lake Recreation center.  At the aquatic center, Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center, you will need to get a membership pass if you plan to use the facility.  It is for Avon Lake residents only and you cannot bring outside food. However, you can bring your own beverages in a cold that is 10.5″ x 10.5″.  There are also two rentable pavilions at the park.  The West Pavilion is closer to the entrance and the East Pavilion is closer to the lazy river and slides.  Here they offer many swim lesson programs.

Avon Lake Ohio is located about 17 miles from Cleveland.    It was settled in the 17th century.  There are approx. 9K households living in Avon Lake which has grown in recent years.  It has many industrial companies such as Reliant Energy, Western Enterprises, PolyOne Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and more.  Because of this, many locals work within the town, however, some do commute into Cleveland as well.

The people of Avon Lake OH

Avon Lake is a suburb of Cleveland. The current population is about 25K. The majority of the town is made up of White with a slightly higher % of women than men. It is the home of a little over 1000 veterans. The average value of a home is $256K.  50% of the population is college-educated with a bachelor’s or higher.  2.5 is the average number per household.  The population per square mile is a little over 2K.  

Parks in Avon Lake

Some parks that are in Avon are Bicentennial Park, Weiss Field, Belle Park, Sunset Park, Bleser Park, and Veterans Memorial Park.  There are many great trails and hiking that can be done at these parks.  Bleser Park has a huge wooden structure that kids love to climb around and play on.  It is located near the city’s public pool.  It has many paths to walk on and kids just love it.  

Northgate Park is another park in town.  This park has a water feature, which is a pond.  People like to go there and enjoy the water and nature.  You can also fish, grill and it hAvon Lakes picnic tables too.

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Avon Lake has its own community Library which was opened with a $1000 budget in 1931.  Now it has grown and has a budget of $2.9M.  The zip code for Avon Lake is 44012 with the area code of 440.  The present mayor is Greg Zikla at the time of this write-up.  It is a total of a little over 11 square miles.  They have a graduation rate of 100% with 96% going off to college and higher education.  Because of this, they made Newsweek’s top 500 high schools.  

Avon Lake is located on Lake Erie and offers a lot of water sports and fishing.  Its shorelines have been the home of many sawmills and shipyards.  At one time, it was considered to be a part of Xeuma, which was a territory that consisted of Avon Lake, Avon Bay Village, and Westlake.  It is considered to be “Tree city” and is recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

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