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What is Manual Concrete Leveling

What is Manual Concrete Leveling

Manual Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling is a term that our owner and founder Randy Greene coined in July 1977. It involves manually raising or lowering the concrete, pressure grouting/mudjacking the concrete or raising the concrete with expansive polyurethane foam. 

There are three types of concrete leveling; 

  • Mudjacking
  • Polyfoam Leveling
  • Manual Concrete Leveling 

In this post we will discuss Manual Leveling, look at our Learning Center for information on Mudjacking and Polyfoam leveling.

Hazards of Raised Concrete

There are situations where concrete is raised by tree roots or in the process of a slab settling it raises on the opposite edge and should be lowered to result in the concrete being put back to the original position, which is always the goal.

Lowering a sidewalk is commonly requested because of a tree root that lifts one or more sidewalk panels, creating a trip hazard and the risk of injury to pedestrians.

Fixing the sidewalk issue can be challenging if the person doesn’t have a basic understanding of how ground and sidewalk leveling works.

Manual Concrete Leveling Hazards

Expert Manual Concrete Leveling

Greene Concrete Leveling and the employees trained by us are the only levelers we know of that routinely lower concrete. The average public sidewalk is 5’X5’ and 4 inches thick and weighs approximately 1300 pounds and if not moved correctly can break. Ultimately, leaving a bigger and more costly problem to solve.

Greene Concrete Leveling has developed our own tools and processes to raise and move out the slab. We can effectively remove the tree roots which are lifting the slab. We use all hand tools. Not heavy machinery.

With heavy machinery you have no way to keep the sidewalk block from breaking. 

The roots then can be removed with axes and mattocks. Heavy equipment would most likely kill the tree. 

In our 40 plus years in business we have probably effectively removed tree roots from over 5000 sites. We have never had a customer call back and say their tree died. 

Make no mistake about it, this is the most labor-intensive process for leveling concrete.

Tree Root Sidewalk Repair

Manual Level Sandstone Blocks

This is also the best way to level sandstone blocks. In our opinion sandstone blocks should never be drilled. The thickness of sandstone usually varies from two to two and a half inches. Sandstone is a very soft stone and can break easily. Drilling it just makes it weaker. Even a small hole on the surface, like that for poly-foam would look like a 4 inch hole on the underside making the block structurally weak. 

Call the Experts

Greene Concrete Leveling is the ONLY company with DECADES OF EXPERIENCE offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Serving Northern Ohio since 1977.

We pride ourselves in raising and leveling sunken concrete for our clients, throughout Northeast Ohio. We have a hardworking and professional team of manual concrete leveling experts.

Greene Concrete Leveling is licensed, bonded, and insured to bring your home or place of business the very best quality of concrete leveling services. You can count on us to get the job done right, so before you spend money replacing cracked or sunken concrete around your home or business consider the cost effective alternative of our manual concrete leveling services.