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Explore Mentor

As a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, Mentor OH was settled in 1797.  It is a lakeside community that has more than 50k in population today.  There are a few hotels near Mentor, in case you are looking to visit, such as Holiday Inn Residence Inn and Comfort Inn.  Some famous people lived here, one being the 20th US president James Garfield.   

The schools in Mentor contain 1 high school, 3 junior highs, and 10 elementary schools and are considered excellent by the Ohio Department of Education.

Mentor is the home of Great Lakes Mall, which consists of 110 stores. It also has many shopping plazas and local restaurants to choose from as well.  

Ohio’s average temperature is 50°F, the average temperature of Mentor is 49.9°F, and it experiences 61 days of 1 inch of snow or more.  The average crime rating of Mentor is slightly above the national average.  It has a relatively low rating for violent crimes. However, its property crimes paint another picture.

Charles Park built the first settlement in Mentor and stake claim to it.  This was done in 1797.  It was before Ohio even had become its own state, which happened in 1803.  However, it became officially “Mentor” in 1855.  Clevelanders trying to escape the dirty, polluted city would run to the Mentor area.  Once WWII was over, people had cars and could live in Mentor but work in the city.  This was when this area increased greatly in population.  

The people of Mentor, OH

The population of Mentor is 1878 people per square mile and is mostly white.  The majority of the residents are married, and the average household was around 3.  The median income per household was around $57K when the census was done in 2010.  The median age is 39.  

Mentor Parks

The Mentor park systems contain:

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Mentor is located on the South shore of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie.  Because of this, it has a bit of a seashore-like feel about the town.  Lake Erie and all of the great lakes are the largest inland non-salt water lakes.  They are popular for fishing and boating.  They were and are used to transport goods throughout the area.  

In 2010 it was rated 37 in one of the best cities to live in America by CNNMoney. com.  Keeping with Connecticut Western Reserve settlers’ tradition Mentor was named after a Greek figure.  It is located in Lake County and the council manager is Janet A. Dowling at the time of the write-up.  It consists of 27.99 square miles and rests at an elevation of 692ft. The zip codes of Mentor are 44060-44061 and the area code is 440.  It is located in the Eastern Time Zone and is a suburb of Cleveland OH.  

Some of the industries in Mentor are computer and automation, electric boards, plastics, polymers, and medical-related items.  It is the home of Headlands Beach State Park, which is the longest public swimming beach found in Ohio.  In 1876 James Garfield ran for presidential office from his front porch, which is in Mentor still today.

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