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Cleveland Heights is none to be more democratic than republican and has zip codes 44121, 44112, and 44106.  It has an area code of 216.  It is located in Cuyahoga County and was founded as a village in 1903.  There are 2 school districts in Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland City School District, and Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District.  There are also many private schools in the area such as Yeshiva of Cleveland, Mosdos Ohr Hatorah, Saint Ann School, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, Horizon Montessori, Ruffing Montessori, Lutheran High School East, Beaumont School. 

There are loads of parks in the area such as:

The people of Cleveland Heights OH

Cleveland Heights was settled by those that mined Bluestone. It was originally established as farmland but quarries soon moved in. It consists of 19K households and is approx. 8 square miles and made up of three watersheds. These are the NIne Mile Creek, Dugway Brook Watershed, and Doan Brook Watershed.  It is a very diverse part of the Cleveland area and has about 50/50 white to other races from the census in 2010.  There are approx. 46K residents and 22K housing units that are 2.7K per square mile. About 1.7K of the housing units are multigenerational and all the rest are single-family homes.  About 10% of the housing units are owner-occupied with a resident 65 or older.  This area of Cleveland has fewer married people, at 35% and 10% are living alone.  

More about Cleveland Heights

Forest Hill Park has tennis courts and baseball diamonds.  Many of the parks offer hiking, picnicking, and enjoying the playground.  Neighborhood parks are a great way to meet people in the area.  Community events oftentimes occur in these parks as well as festivals.  Be sure that you check out the local social media to find out what is happening in the area.  The downtown district has a nice Belgium feel and there are many beautiful homes in the area.  This area, however, does have a higher % than some of the other areas for those living below the poverty line.  

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If you like waterfalls then be sure to check out forest hill park, it is a great place to go and enjoy some nature trails.  Get some exercise and get out of the house for a bit.  There is a playground, concession stands, and restrooms.  

Barbara H. Boyd Park is a nice little park that has a small youth ball field, picnic shelters, and a playground.  If you are a current resident then you can reserve the picnic areas for parties and small gatherings.  

Denison Park is great for those looking to play sports. There are 6 Pickleball courts, six tennis courts, two basketball courses, and an asphalt pathway all around the park, which is 3/10th of a mile. Going around it three times will give you that mile and increase your steps.  There is also a playground for ages 5-12 years of age.  

There is also the Cumberland outdoor pool that so many of the residents love.  Be sure to check out their website for further information.

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Concrete Leveling in Cleveland Heights, OH

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